vendredi 25 juillet 2014

Some Boat Boys' boats

Spending months sailing the Carribeans you can't miss the Boat Boys and if you do, then, you miss them twice as much as they are the best help to get a mooring buoy (some of them wait for you a mile out), discard garbage, help you run errands or taxi you ashore if you dinghy is down.

Most of those 'services' will cost 10 ECs ('East Carribean Dollars) and the buoy around 20 ECs.
The issue with the buoy is that most of them are unofficial (it is difficult to know who own them) and there is no proof they will hold. Hence, some time it is worth diving and having a look. In Port Elisabeth the clearance and custom office has a very explicit add in the lobby regrarding this: you use private buoys at your own risk and if you don't want then you just drop the anchor a bit more on the outside.
Marigot Bay in Ste Lucia is an exception: the buoys are owned by the marina and they charge around 25 USD, more expensive but worth it as the place is really special.
They all run the same engine, usually a big Yamaha Enduro, often protected from the sun with a tee-shirt and in St Vincent in Wallilabou there was no engine, just oars made of rough pieces of wood.

Well, back to the Bot Boys' boats: here are a few of their fabulous boats.

Most of them have a moto or a quotation. Most of the time it refers to values or ideas and, most of the time, it is full of humor and good spirit. SOme time it refers to what they do, like 'More Fresh' that carries ice.
Click on the picture to see them 'full scale'.

I love the colors.

Tobago Kays, bien petits devant le gros

Tobago Kays

Tobago Kays

Tobago Kays

Tobago Kays

Marigot Bay (Ste Lucia, un must)

Salt Whisle Bay (Mayreau, sublime)

Salt Whisle Bay (Superbe endroit)

Tobago Kays

Union, un des bateaux de ROMEO


Salt Whisle Bay (Difficile d'en partir)

Tobago Kays

Tobago Kays

Tobago Kays

Tobago Kays: ROMEO et ses langoustes grillées

Port Elisabeth, le plus petit!

Tobago Kays, retour vers Union

Tobago Kays

Retour de pêche à Arlet

Arlet, sur la plage

Tobago Kays

On fait avec ce que l'on a

Au repos

Notre taxi à Port Elisabeth

Le 'Fruits et légumes à Rodney Bay'

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