samedi 2 juillet 2016

Cleanning water tanks

From time to time there are questions about how safe it is to drink the tank water on OVNIs as the tanks are made of aluminium and aluminium toxicity is something lots of people are afraid of.
There have been a couple of postings on this blog regarding this topic.

More than aluminium salts, was must be taken care of if keeping the tanks clean.

To have clean water tanks there is only one solution is "clean them up"  and "keep them clean" and the way to do it is simple, event it it is bit of a pain in the neck to do.

Of course, avoiding stagnant water, is paramount,  which means: the tanks must be empty if the boat is not used for some time and keeping them open with a piece of fabric on the openning migh be a good idea.

Here how we proceed on H2.
  • Empty your tanks and remove the covers (there are 2 covers, on on each sides of the tank on a 445). Evacuate the remaining water with a sponge or a vacum cleaner if you have one that can deal with water.
  • Once this is done get/let them dry.
  • Brush them with a soft brush.
  • Remove the dust with a vacum cleaner,.
  • Wash them with some dishwasher liquid soap and a micro-fiber towell and rince abundantly.

Normaly, at this stage, you are done with cleaning and it is time to check if there is any corrosion on the bottom of the tank as this part, on OVNIs, is just the hull.

To keep them clean, put filters on the line when you fill them up. 
  • A coton filter first, then 
  • An activated-carbon one to remove chloride and finally
  • A calcium removing filter might be added if the water is very 'hard'.
This should be done every couple of years.
Adding a purifying solution may be useful but won't replace periodical cleaning.

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